Monday, August 23, 2010

10 things...

I've been reflecting lately on this season of singleness in my life lately.  It's been a blessing in disguise in so many ways and I think all to often we neglect to celebrate thing like this.  So I've made a list of 10 things I love about singlehood.  (I'll be adding to this list from time to time)

Now don't get me wrong.  I love marriage.  These things are not intended to diminish that.  And if God sees fit to bring a special someone into my life again I would not turn it down but... if not, then these things are undeniably okay with me. :)

10.  I Always get to drive - No two ways around it folks, that just works for me.

9. The DVR is all mine - Do I really need to say anything about that?

8. I'm available for those I love 24 hours a day - I was recently reminded how 
                   precious this is to me.  There is nothing...nothing more dear to my heart
                   than loving on people right when they need it, no matter when that is.

7. Anything is possible - any job, any city, any salary, anything and everything can

6. I can hog the bed, blankets, shower, mirror, closet space etc to my heart's content
              - Admit it Ladies, you've thought about it. ;)

5. I can experiment with hair color/styles, nails, pedi's, clothes - No one has to love 
                 it, or hate it but me.

4. I have time and experiences which the Lord uses to help hurting
                 people - Wouldn't have signed up for it, would never trade it for anything.

3. My vacation time - I get to spend every bit of it with those awesome lil bros of
                 mine and all the rest of my sweet family.

2. God is teaching me about me - This sweet, painful, journey is precious to me.

1. I am becoming a better person for having lived in this season - more and more
                  every single day.

Happy Monday everybody!!!


Chris said...

I like and find much in common with this. In other news... your background image seems to be missing.... hmm.

KK said...

Indeed. And let me say how incredibly grateful I am that you answer those middle of the night calls!