Sunday, May 30, 2010

The thanks of a patriot.

Short post tonight as I am enjoying the holiday weekend with my family and I know many of you are too. All of which is only possible because of the brave men and women who serve, past and present.  There is no way to say thank you, no way to express the fierce loyalty and gratitude your sacrifice evokes in me.  So I will simply say: My love and prayers are ever before you, my devotion and support always behind you and my thoughts are constantly with you.  No one knows better than you that freedom isn't free, please know that fact is not forgotten here. 

In honor of all the veterans, I am posting a poem I started just ofter 9/11:

A Soldier’s Prayer
Lord, looking up at the sky tonight I wonder why I’m here,
Why can’t I be at home asleep and have my loved ones near?
Why am I in this foreign land fighting someone else’s war?
Why am I pulling third watch shift and pacing til I’m sore?

“Protect and Serve’ is what they said, ‘Be all that you can be’.
I wonder why I never thought just how hard that could really seem.
Don’t misunderstand me Lord; I know that it’s my call,
To defend, and uphold justice here and liberty for all.

It’s just that I don’t know the answer to lay upon my child,
When he looks at me and asks me why I won’t be home for a while.
I believe in our dear country, Lord, and the peace that it provides,
So Lord, please hold on tightly to the sweet, gentle heart of my bride.

This desert’s stark beauty and freedom’s worth saving,
But danger prowls freely while madmen are raving.
Though the aged Bill of Rights should apply to all men,
Our own people undermine us with their words and their pens.

Help me to stay strong, Lord, and keep up my chin,
Cause none of us can change the spot that we’re in.
Lord, you know I’m no hero, with no wish to be,
So help me stand brave when this fight comes to me.

Father, forgive me my dread moments of weakness,
And thanks for your presence on nights that are sleepless.
Protect our maneuvers be they far or quite near,
And please protect fiercely my family so dear.

I’ll continue to fight here and press on with my mission,
Living for God and my country to realize this vision.
And when shooting the enemy is what it requires,
Then I hope you’ll forgive all the anger it sires.

Lord, keep us safe here in our cots and our tents,
And guard over the orders that have yet to be sent.
I know that you love all your people alike,
Please help us to see there is peace still in sight.


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Wonderful poem Melissa! Such a great tribute to our troops.