Monday, May 3, 2010

Our newest family member

 **Disclaimer: I have not lost my mind.  I was swindled. By a little sister who shall remain nameless.**

"I have a present for you!!"  Those words generally scare me more than they excite me.  It's a character flaw, I know, or maybe it's just a mental reflex due to years of trauma.  :)   Never the less, I heard them once again a few weeks ago...  Long story short, meet the newest member of my fabulous household.  (I am hopelessly outnumbered at this point...)

 My BIL named him Roo.  And as I (and my curtains), have discovered it is quite an appropriate name.  This little boy doesn't walk anywhere, he bounces!! With great gusto, I might add.  It's hilarious and terrifying all at the same time as you never know when he's going to decide you are the next most fun thing to bounce off of. 

Oh, I know, he looks so sweet when he's sleeping, which is approx 10 seconds a day.  Liela may never forgive me and Mowgli says he's leaving me to go live with his Dad but other than that things are great! 

He is all boy though. Not a big snuggler, much to my chagrin, but he loves to Eskimo kiss.  So  cute!

 After this picture, my sis wanted to know if he had commandeered the remote yet.  LOL!  
It's been a little bit of a mystery how old he is though.  I was figuring based on when he was found and how active he is that he should be around 3 months old so this weekend we packed up and headed out to the local animal clinic for his shots.

 **I love this picture!**
You can see how super excited he was!  This may explain why my right arm looks like it has been thrashed by a weed eater!  

I was nervous that he would bite the vet so being the responsible pet parent that I am, I apologized before she could get anywhere near the cage.  
"Careful, he's very sharp." 
She smiled at me with that I-do-this-everyday-and-you-don't look and reached in.  After about 3 seconds and a complete removal of that smile she says, "Wow, he's feisty, hmm."
Well Miss Veterinary Medicine, maybe you'll listen next time. :)

Anyway, she says he's only about two months old so no shots yet.  Of course, I immediately began thinking what day we would make his birthday. I settled on Feb 28th.  Not that it matters but it was fun to do anyway.  If any of you have kitten training tips for me I would love to hear them.   Oops, just heard crashing from the living room.  Gotta go!!   


HPUPHD said...

Millard told me that LOL has been replaced by LMAO.

Anonymous said...

Let's go with left justification. That center justification stuff looks a little off.

AncientExpression said...

LOL has not been replaced with but is often joined by lmao and rofl depending on the amount of laughter generated by said comment, situation etc. Th one you really want to shoot for though is ROFLMAO! It's like the Pulitzer prize of text expression. ;)

KK said...

He is more than I could handle but great post!

Ashlie said...

He's so cute! My in-laws adopted a stray kitten and now he is the lion of the neighborhood. Stays out all night preying on who knows what and only turns into a sweetie-pie when he wants his wet food! Ha!

Btw, I thought I was already following your blog but discovered that I wasn't. I just posted on mine yesterday (ok, at 2:30 this morning) for the first time in like 9 months! LOL!