Sunday, May 30, 2010

The thanks of a patriot.

Short post tonight as I am enjoying the holiday weekend with my family and I know many of you are too. All of which is only possible because of the brave men and women who serve, past and present.  There is no way to say thank you, no way to express the fierce loyalty and gratitude your sacrifice evokes in me.  So I will simply say: My love and prayers are ever before you, my devotion and support always behind you and my thoughts are constantly with you.  No one knows better than you that freedom isn't free, please know that fact is not forgotten here. 

In honor of all the veterans, I am posting a poem I started just ofter 9/11:

A Soldier’s Prayer
Lord, looking up at the sky tonight I wonder why I’m here,
Why can’t I be at home asleep and have my loved ones near?
Why am I in this foreign land fighting someone else’s war?
Why am I pulling third watch shift and pacing til I’m sore?

“Protect and Serve’ is what they said, ‘Be all that you can be’.
I wonder why I never thought just how hard that could really seem.
Don’t misunderstand me Lord; I know that it’s my call,
To defend, and uphold justice here and liberty for all.

It’s just that I don’t know the answer to lay upon my child,
When he looks at me and asks me why I won’t be home for a while.
I believe in our dear country, Lord, and the peace that it provides,
So Lord, please hold on tightly to the sweet, gentle heart of my bride.

This desert’s stark beauty and freedom’s worth saving,
But danger prowls freely while madmen are raving.
Though the aged Bill of Rights should apply to all men,
Our own people undermine us with their words and their pens.

Help me to stay strong, Lord, and keep up my chin,
Cause none of us can change the spot that we’re in.
Lord, you know I’m no hero, with no wish to be,
So help me stand brave when this fight comes to me.

Father, forgive me my dread moments of weakness,
And thanks for your presence on nights that are sleepless.
Protect our maneuvers be they far or quite near,
And please protect fiercely my family so dear.

I’ll continue to fight here and press on with my mission,
Living for God and my country to realize this vision.
And when shooting the enemy is what it requires,
Then I hope you’ll forgive all the anger it sires.

Lord, keep us safe here in our cots and our tents,
And guard over the orders that have yet to be sent.
I know that you love all your people alike,
Please help us to see there is peace still in sight.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Being creative is hard! (And a make-up Mother's Day post)

Lately, I have been encouraged by several loved ones to try picking up my pen to write again.  In high school and college, I wrote lots of poetry, a few novel chapters and TONS of essays but, sadly, since then, I haven't written anything at all.  
I find it odd that through some of the most challenging and painful years of my life none of those thoughts, fears, hopes and feelings ever made their way to a page. Perhaps they were just too private, too deeply felt to ever chance being made immortal.  But maybe now, in one of the happiest seasons of my life thus far, it is time to blow the dust off of my journals and fill the inkwell once more.  
Unfortunately for you, dear reader, that means you will be subjected to testing out my latest scribblings.  Please know how very much your comments mean to me, whether good or bad.  

To start the creative juices flowing, I thought I would share a poem I wrote for the women in my life.  I  began it in late 07 but didn't finish it until almost 18 months later.  It was really inspired by my beautiful mother, whose love and faith in me have always been one of the biggest driving forces in my life and by my grandmothers who have each placed their own unique stamp on the woman I have become.  
It was finally finished as a gift for Mother's Day last year and since it is not so long past Mother's Day this year and because I was sorely remiss in acknowledging the day here on my blog, we'll just call this a make-up post. :)
I hope you enjoy it.

Mom, I love you so much...

Real Heroes

The women in my life are not famous
But they are revered by family and friends.

The women in my life are not perfect
But amber’s value is born of its flaws.

The women in my life are not wealthy
But they taught me to be creative, frugal and grateful for all our Lord provides.

The women in my life have not been doctors or lawyers
But they have healed the sick and fought for justice.

The women in my life have not been soldiers
But they have fought many battles, winning many victories on their knees before Almighty God.

The women in my life have not been professors or poets
But they nurtured a love of knowledge and entrusted family stories to future generations.

The women in my life did not end world suffering or hunger
But they soothed our hearts and taught us to feed and clothe others.

The women in my life were not beauty queens
But their affectionate smiles make them radiant.

The women in my life have not been CEO’s in corporate America
But they taught me the value of hard work, honesty and integrity. 

The women in my life were not opera stars
But they taught me to sing sweet lullabies to my children.

The women in my life have not been sculptors or painters
But they have created much beauty through their arts.

The women in my life were not classically trained chefs
But we whipped up masterpieces in their kitchens.

The women in my life have not been statesmen
But they taught me about loyalty, commitment and diplomacy.

The women in my life were not world-renowned authors or orators
But they taught me to love reading and to write and speak what is in my heart.

The women in my life are not scientists
But they know the formula for love.

The women in my life were not suffragettes
But they taught me that there are no limits to what I can achieve.

The women in my life are not preachers
But they modeled for me a life of worship and true faith.

The women in my life have not won medals or had monuments built to their names
But they have stored up great treasure in Heaven and their legacy is the birthright I claim.

The women in my life have not been heralded by the world
But this world is not their home.

They are true beauty.  They are living grace. They are real love. I wear their face.
They are now, and always have been, my heroes.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shhh don't tell...

Okay...this is Carly.  I have to be quick before I get caught and they realize I know how to type with my paws or understand English for that matter.  Now, I know you may not know me but you may have heard about me on my mommy's blog where, when things get desperate I occasionally bark type for help.  Well....HELP!!

Mom packed a bag a few days ago (like I don't know what that means) and left saying, "I'll be right back, Baby." (like I can't tell time) and then Melissa came to see me. Now usually, I love when she comes over cause we play fun games and she makes Mommy laugh and she COOKS (we don't tell mommy about that).  But this time she brought a ton of stuff and....a rat-looking thing she called Liela.  (I think she thinks it's a dog like me!)  I have been trying my best to protect her from it for the past three days but she just will NOT COOPERATE with me!!!
So now I'm desperate and I don't know who else to tell so here goes nothing:
        If you see my mom can you tell her to hurry up and come home so we can save Melissa!! And I am certain that pig cat has taken over the neighborhood by now....
Annoyed with humans,

Thursday, May 6, 2010

just musing...

1. Why do people usually assume that I'm not a do-it-yourself kinda girl?

2. I wonder if my furry babies like it here?  What do they really think of us?

3. It's strange which things make you miss someone...and at which times.

4. What are the top 10 must do things in San Antonio or Texas?

5. Why do I always have something I need to write just before I fade into sleep and I never do?

6.  Regrets always come to visit after midnight.

7.  I think single people are more "plugged in" because sometimes you just have to communicate with someone who can talk back, even if they don't. :)

8.  Manicures make me happy.  Baskets of laundry don't.

9. People who are offended by different opinions are just looking for something to be mad about.

10.  I may be a tiny bit proud of the person I am becoming...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Our newest family member

 **Disclaimer: I have not lost my mind.  I was swindled. By a little sister who shall remain nameless.**

"I have a present for you!!"  Those words generally scare me more than they excite me.  It's a character flaw, I know, or maybe it's just a mental reflex due to years of trauma.  :)   Never the less, I heard them once again a few weeks ago...  Long story short, meet the newest member of my fabulous household.  (I am hopelessly outnumbered at this point...)

 My BIL named him Roo.  And as I (and my curtains), have discovered it is quite an appropriate name.  This little boy doesn't walk anywhere, he bounces!! With great gusto, I might add.  It's hilarious and terrifying all at the same time as you never know when he's going to decide you are the next most fun thing to bounce off of. 

Oh, I know, he looks so sweet when he's sleeping, which is approx 10 seconds a day.  Liela may never forgive me and Mowgli says he's leaving me to go live with his Dad but other than that things are great! 

He is all boy though. Not a big snuggler, much to my chagrin, but he loves to Eskimo kiss.  So  cute!

 After this picture, my sis wanted to know if he had commandeered the remote yet.  LOL!  
It's been a little bit of a mystery how old he is though.  I was figuring based on when he was found and how active he is that he should be around 3 months old so this weekend we packed up and headed out to the local animal clinic for his shots.

 **I love this picture!**
You can see how super excited he was!  This may explain why my right arm looks like it has been thrashed by a weed eater!  

I was nervous that he would bite the vet so being the responsible pet parent that I am, I apologized before she could get anywhere near the cage.  
"Careful, he's very sharp." 
She smiled at me with that I-do-this-everyday-and-you-don't look and reached in.  After about 3 seconds and a complete removal of that smile she says, "Wow, he's feisty, hmm."
Well Miss Veterinary Medicine, maybe you'll listen next time. :)

Anyway, she says he's only about two months old so no shots yet.  Of course, I immediately began thinking what day we would make his birthday. I settled on Feb 28th.  Not that it matters but it was fun to do anyway.  If any of you have kitten training tips for me I would love to hear them.   Oops, just heard crashing from the living room.  Gotta go!!