Friday, April 30, 2010

Springtime fun!

Springtime gets everyone in the mood to be outside. We inexplicably long to turn the earth, smell new blooms and just plain God in our gardens. :) 
I come from a long line of women just brimming with botanical talents.  To my mother, a home is not a home until the flowerbeds are bursting with color and my grandmother, wow, well lets just say that the garden club queen has never met a bulb or a seed that wasn't overjoyed to take root in her exquisit gardens.
And then there's me...a tragic end to that green-thumbed legacy.  It isn't that I don't love flowers but it's hard to get motivated to cultivate when I know it will all just die under my care.  
I've been in my house about 2 years now and a couple of weeks ago my Mom and awesome not-so-lil bros decided to come help me brighten the outside of this place up a bit.  We began watering and while Mom and I headed to the stores for plants and supplies the boys began the hard work of breaking ground.  No good deed goes unpunished though and apparently someone though it was a good idea to run my water main all the way around the perimeter of my house directly in the path of their digging forks!!  YIKES!!
Luckily, my bros are of that endangered species of men that keep their heads and know a bit about how things work in case of an emergency.  They shut the water off at the street and called Mom and I to pick up repair supplies. (on the upside the ground was nice and soft to dig in now)
Believe it or not, I know how to fix a water pipe.  Observe:
Cut the broken piece out, measure new pipe and couplings carefully,

Apply primer and cement, (use handsome assistants as needed),

Step back and admire your handiwork, call your Dad and make sure he knows how grateful you are he taught you how to do it yourself ;)

Wait two hours before turning on the water to allow cement to cure. (repeat as necessary due to muscular diggers)  Thanks you guys!! You where awesome!!

So the next morning we got hard at work finishing up all our projects and discovered that my yard is filled with thousands of these guys: 
We  must've collected like 40 of them in about 10 minutes!!  All colors, shapes and sizes too! Super fun!

So I know you're all wondering what we accomplished.  Here it is:

Flower beds full of rapidly growing seedlings!

Tomato, Peppers and Cucumbers.  Mmmm I can taste the salsa now.

Nearest is the herb garden with tarragon, chives, dill and onions. In the middle section are all the vegatables.  And farthest is the flower garden.

Here is another flower bed containing my long awaited jasmine!!! It already smells great.  I wish I could've shown you the entire yard (front and back) because they look fabulous but I guess that's just incentive for you to come and see me...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

All because two people fell in love...

Ladies and Gentleman, it is my deepest honor to present to you,                
                           Chris and Jennifer Kenson!!!

Once upon a time on a ranch in Texas, a tall, good-hearted Australian guy met a beautiful, feisty cowgirl.  Almost exactly four years later, they were married. 

It was precious and sweet with lots of funny mixed in, just like they are.  To my lil sis and the man of her prayers: May you always have as much fun as you want, as much love as you need, and may you never be without a stone couch.
                                          All my love to the both of you...