Thursday, March 11, 2010


I don't care what side of the political arena you stand on you need to watch this video. Thanks to Angela Hunt for drawing my attention to it.

Now to the actual post... So I borrowed this idea from my awesome friend Kimberly, I hope she doesn't mind.

Dear Mr. Time Machine Inventor,
I would like a do-over. About 10 years should do it.

Dear Liela,
I earn the little green stuff that buys your dog food. I believe this should earn me the right to wake up in my own bed, well rested, and cramp-less rather than the half-hanging out, exhausted and neck-pincing way I woke up this morning. Scoot Over!!
I'll love you forever,

Dear Rigby,
Alright, alright, I miss your sass. Are you happy now?

Dear Fellow Drivers on I-35 tomorrow,
Please drive quickly or kindly move to the right hand lane. I have some bros I need to hug and you will not slow me down.

Okay I'm not sure that's working but at least I posted something. :)

Here's some tv related randomness before I give up for the night:

American Idol - Casey James, Kristin Bowersox Umm yes America!!

Trauma and Glee are back!!! I know, you are feeling my joy.

the forgotten - I have been thus far impressed with Christian Slater's weekly performance. Interesting because I was never star struck by his movies.

I think I've been random enough for an entire life time in just this one post...


KK said...

You did fabulous! Now have the greatest weekend!! And tell Leila I said to move it!

Tara said...

I like the post... very truthful...
P.S. my kindness is not faked in anyway...