Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pictures worth a thousand words

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I spent last weekend with my entire family. An increasingly rare occurrence these days as we all get older and shortly to be placed on the endangered species list, at least for a while. :) It was awesome!!!

There is way too much to tell but some highlights were:
Jake and Caleb found a hidden treasure!!! Here are some
photos, even the dogs took part.The old trunk appeared to belong to a couple of Irish railroad men and was filled with old clothes. The boys quickly discovered a false bottom which revealed strong-boxes with money and gold pocket watches. Incredibly, the railroad men had the same initials as the boys and they were engraved on the watches!!! So cool. Also found were some civil war Indian head pennies and home-made leather and wood checker sets. AMAZING FIND!!!

From there we headed out to spend some time just goofing off, playing lazer tag, football, climbing trees and just being silly together. It was precious just being together...I honestly cannot imagine loving each of them anymore than I already do and yet every time I'm with them I am proven wrong all over again. Lots of laughter, love and new memories were made and I hope we have the chance to be together soon!

And then, last but not least, this week was St. Patty's Day, otherwise known as MY FAVORITE GOOFY HOLIDAY!!!! I LOVE to be silly and any excuse to dress up and shock people sounds like a good time to me. Everyone enjoys a good laugh and even the eye rolling ones (KK) look forward to seeing the next hurricane of crazy!

SO, of course, this was the result. And yes, I am at work that way. Being the boss sometimes has it's perks. ;)
To my intense embarrassment, I did forget to wear my shamrock jewelry and I failed to include a pic of my socks which read, "Shake your Shamrocks" but you get the general idea.

Btw, my brothers, knowing, I can be counted on to do random and outrageous things, were calling by 9 am to know why I didn't have pics on facebook yet. I assured them that I would never shirk my responsibilities in such a horrific way and promptly emailed them all of the photos. This of course, made my heart SING with delight.
I have realized, however, that it is getting harder and harder to up my game. Please send ideas when holidays approach!!!


KK said...

Still rolling my eyes, but those collages are awesome!

Chris said...

The collages are awesome, as the hat and socks. But not near as awesome as that treasure hunt. Such and involved idea and pulled off like only your family can do!