Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pictures worth a thousand words

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I spent last weekend with my entire family. An increasingly rare occurrence these days as we all get older and shortly to be placed on the endangered species list, at least for a while. :) It was awesome!!!

There is way too much to tell but some highlights were:
Jake and Caleb found a hidden treasure!!! Here are some
photos, even the dogs took part.The old trunk appeared to belong to a couple of Irish railroad men and was filled with old clothes. The boys quickly discovered a false bottom which revealed strong-boxes with money and gold pocket watches. Incredibly, the railroad men had the same initials as the boys and they were engraved on the watches!!! So cool. Also found were some civil war Indian head pennies and home-made leather and wood checker sets. AMAZING FIND!!!

From there we headed out to spend some time just goofing off, playing lazer tag, football, climbing trees and just being silly together. It was precious just being together...I honestly cannot imagine loving each of them anymore than I already do and yet every time I'm with them I am proven wrong all over again. Lots of laughter, love and new memories were made and I hope we have the chance to be together soon!

And then, last but not least, this week was St. Patty's Day, otherwise known as MY FAVORITE GOOFY HOLIDAY!!!! I LOVE to be silly and any excuse to dress up and shock people sounds like a good time to me. Everyone enjoys a good laugh and even the eye rolling ones (KK) look forward to seeing the next hurricane of crazy!

SO, of course, this was the result. And yes, I am at work that way. Being the boss sometimes has it's perks. ;)
To my intense embarrassment, I did forget to wear my shamrock jewelry and I failed to include a pic of my socks which read, "Shake your Shamrocks" but you get the general idea.

Btw, my brothers, knowing, I can be counted on to do random and outrageous things, were calling by 9 am to know why I didn't have pics on facebook yet. I assured them that I would never shirk my responsibilities in such a horrific way and promptly emailed them all of the photos. This of course, made my heart SING with delight.
I have realized, however, that it is getting harder and harder to up my game. Please send ideas when holidays approach!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

One of my favorite things

Few events in the world top my list of favorite things like celebrating those I love!! And this person is especially dear to me so without further adieu...

Happy Birthday Kimberly!!
May you always turn as young as you wish,
May you never be as old as you feel, ;)

Seriously, though; you make my life better in more ways than I can tell and I am so glad today is for celebrating you. Have an awesome day! Sorry I have to miss it. Tell Mom I send wishes to her too. Thanks for being a part of my life. I love you.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I don't care what side of the political arena you stand on you need to watch this video. Thanks to Angela Hunt for drawing my attention to it.

Now to the actual post... So I borrowed this idea from my awesome friend Kimberly, I hope she doesn't mind.

Dear Mr. Time Machine Inventor,
I would like a do-over. About 10 years should do it.

Dear Liela,
I earn the little green stuff that buys your dog food. I believe this should earn me the right to wake up in my own bed, well rested, and cramp-less rather than the half-hanging out, exhausted and neck-pincing way I woke up this morning. Scoot Over!!
I'll love you forever,

Dear Rigby,
Alright, alright, I miss your sass. Are you happy now?

Dear Fellow Drivers on I-35 tomorrow,
Please drive quickly or kindly move to the right hand lane. I have some bros I need to hug and you will not slow me down.

Okay I'm not sure that's working but at least I posted something. :)

Here's some tv related randomness before I give up for the night:

American Idol - Casey James, Kristin Bowersox Umm yes America!!

Trauma and Glee are back!!! I know, you are feeling my joy.

the forgotten - I have been thus far impressed with Christian Slater's weekly performance. Interesting because I was never star struck by his movies.

I think I've been random enough for an entire life time in just this one post...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why I stuggle to post

So I'm a writer...and a reader... which means that I struggle with feeling like every word I put to paper, or keyboard in this case, must be profound, timeless, in short, astounding. Since God chooses to bless me with those type of things rarely :) I never feel like I have anything worth posting. We're working through that insecurity slowly but surely. Praise him!

What you can expect: that this blog will be as random as I am, that I will rant, praise, pray, be silly, celebrate those I love, pout, laugh, cry and just LIVE right here along with you. Please let me know if you have ideas or just have something you want to know.

Anyway, on to the real post now. :) So I've been house/dog sitting for my bestie this week and it's been a blast so far. Our dogs, both female, had never met up to this point. My sis's dog had been living with me for the last 2ish months and left about two hours before we came here. Liela (mine) was so happy to have me all back to herself she was racing through the house in celebration. Then, Oh the joy, I invited her for a car ride. You could practically feel the exultation in the air. As we pulled up to this fabulous house, I just knew she thought I was the greatest thing EVER for getting her this new doghouse!! So much bigger and more beautiful than her old one. We rush to the door, swing it open and...

Carly (hers), on the other hand, was not aware I see other dogs. She is always so excited to see me each day. The look of compete betrayal on her face as I opened the door nearly brought me to tears. All either of them could think to do for the first 5 minutes was walk in circles nose to...umm, well you get the picture.

They, being females and thus subject to green-eyedness, have been trying to work out who I belong to for the past three days. It. Has. Been. Hilarious. I would give anything to have the dog collars from UP so I could hear what they are saying to each other.

Anyway, they seem to have made tenuous peace since I explained that their mothers simply are going to be the closest of friends for at least the rest of their lives *sniff* so objecting will only lead to disappointment. Harsh, I know, but it seems to have worked. :)

At least until they start conspiring against us......