Thursday, August 13, 2009

I know, I know...

So it's been forever since I last posted, predictable I know, I just never stop long enough to put my good blog ideas down on paper (or keyboard in this case) and they get lost in my fuzzy brain. But the summer TV season is almost and I decided there are a few shows that I hope to see return next year.

In Plain Sight- finished it's second season strong, good story lines, better written personal drama and lovable/loathable characters. (4 stars)

Kings- keeps poping on and off the network but this show is pretty good so I hope they decide to keep it (loosely based on the OT David/Saul drama) interesting writing and great acting! (4 stars)

Raising the Bar- 2nd season. I love this lawyer drama!! Good balance between courtroom action and personal drama (5 stars)

The Closer- still awesome!! (5 stars)

Hawthorne- if you missed this freshman hospital drama you sincerely missed out. Not nearly as soapy as Gray's (4 stars)

Leverage, Mental and Royal Pains- fresh ideas, funny, cute guys, what else do we need. (5 stars)

Dark Blue- excellent look at the undercover cops and their dark side. Good plots, sexy actors (5 stars)

The Bill Engvall show- hilarious family comedy! A must see! (At least 5 stars) :)

That's all I can think of although I may revise this later. Any to add?

Can't wait for the fall season to start although some of my favorite freshman from last season won't be back. (Knight Rider, 11th Hour,etc) I suppose I can't help it if America does not share my good taste in shows. Lol! What are you looking forward to next season?