Sunday, June 21, 2009

A look back...

Today is Father's Day and every where one turns there are tributes, celebrations, poems, songs and cards about what our fathers have meant to us. Personally, I have been reflecting on how my relationship with my dad has grown, changed, stretched and stood the test of time through out my life. Our relationship does not often come easy to us; oh not for a lack of love, but rather the normal discontinuity of two very different people. And yet as I many ways we are not so very different after all. Here are some things I am so lucky to have learned from him.

1. Fierce Loyalty is a precious gift.
2. Never quit on your family (even when they drive you crazy)
3. Work hard and with integrity even when no seems to care (You will care one day.)
4. Build a talented team and together you can accomplish anything.
5. Play hard
6. A real man can have feelings and hug his kids (even when they're grown)
7. Music should always be present
8. Daddy's will always be proud and protective of their little girls
9. BBQ is an art form
10. As long as families stick together, everything will be okay eventually

There are, of course, many more things I have learned from him; I could never really list them all. And in as many ways as we are the same there are dozens more ways in which we are different. I will always drive him crazy with my stubbornness. His moods will always be a mystery to me. I will always love that he loves cats. He will always tease me about my dog. We will make each other laugh and fume, both be proud and disappointed at times. But there is one thing that has never changed since the day I was born; I will always be his little girl and he will always be my Daddy. I love you Dad. Happy Father's Day!

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